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video and paper game based fanfiction's Journal

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31st July 2006

otherpervert1:51pm: [bump] Final Fantasy VIII Slash Ficathon
If anyone is interested in signing up for a Final Fantasy VIII Slash Ficathon, please go to Final Fantasy 100 for details. 

Thank you!

x-posted: _squarenix, f_f_icons, ff_drabble, ffvii_yaoi, finalfantasy100, game100, slash100

18th August 2005

guntank11:34am: One. Last. Line. Indeed!
Title: Line of Fire
Game/Fandom: SD Gundam: G-Generation F
Challenge: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Characters: Sherudo Fouri, Elis Cloud
Word Count: 278 (o_o)
Disclaimer: Bandai, Sunrise and Sotsu Agency created SD Gundam: G-Generation.

What I absolutely hate about the Gundam Double XCollapse )

12th August 2005

illmantrim1:14am: Challenge for the week of 08-12-05 to 08-18-05

The challenge this week is A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

Have fun!

Current Mood: contemplative

7th August 2005

illmantrim3:30pm: challenge for the short-almost-week of 08/07/05 - 08/11/05

Challenge is Death & Taxes - Those ever present elements must show up one way or another in the drabbles.

Current Mood: bouncy

1st July 2005

unanon9:33am: Challenge for 07/01/05 to 07/07/05
Late again. Unplugged computer last night for thunderstorms. Woe.

Challenge for this week is Reassurance.

Catch you in seven or thereabouts.

23rd June 2005

unanon8:37am: Challenge for 06/23/05 to 06/30/05

The challenge for this week is Make a Killing.

Have fun!

15th June 2005


Title: Ties

Game/Fandom: Guilty Gear

Challenge: Letters

Characters: Dizzy, Dizzy’s adoptive parents

Word Count: 108


From every child that had good parents.Collapse )</span>

Current Mood: happy

10th June 2005

unanon8:41am: Challenge for 06/09/05 to 06/16/05

The challenge this week is Letters.

Love letters, Dear John letters, letters of the alphabet: any kind of letters you can think of!

Have fun!

2nd June 2005

unanon9:01pm: Challenge for 06/02/05 to 06/09/05

The challenge for this week is Blood.

Have fun and be creative!

1st June 2005

guntank6:48pm: Hmm.
Title: Irony
Game/Fandom: World of WarCraft
Challenge: Trio-prompt (ghost, dream, whisper)
Characters: Original
Word Count: 100

IronyCollapse )

26th May 2005

unanon11:07pm: Challenge for 05/26/05 to 06/02/05
Hope y'all enjoyed the week off. *wink*

This week is Free Week.

Submit a drabble on whatever topic you choose, or write something based on the following trio-prompts:
  • ghost, dream, whisper
  • cup of tea, visit, snag
  • drowsy, goldfish, liquify
  • nascent, slay, cupcake

Have a good one!

13th May 2005

unanon8:55am: Challenge for 05/13/05 to 05/19/05

Belated again. I just plumb forgot. *smacks forehead*

This week's challenge is Biting the Bullet.

Have a fun week.

5th May 2005

unanon9:26pm: Challenge for 05/05/05 to 05/12/05
It's that time again...

The challenge this week is Lost Causes.

Have a good one!

29th April 2005

guntank12:25pm: Well, while I'm on a roll...I think...
Title: Barely Listening
Game/Fandom: The 4th Super Robot Taisen
Challenge: Trio-prompt
Characters: Masaki Andou, Amuro Ray
Word Count: 141
Notes: Continuation of the previous response drabble. ^_^

Barely ListeningCollapse )
unanon10:46am: Challenge for 04/29/05 to 05/05/05

This week is Free Week.

You can submit drabbles on any topic you'd like, or you are welcome to answer with a drabble written for the following trio-prompts:
  • grave, ultimatum, whisper
  • secrets, slammed door, cut crystal
  • coffee, lurking, ring
  • stubble, quirk, moist
  • lipstick, doorway, rotate

Have a great week.
Current Mood: accomplished

25th April 2005

guntank12:01am: "Closing Lines" response
Title: No Other Way
Game/Fandom: The 4th Super Robot Taisen
Challenge: "Closing Lines"
Characters: Ryuune Zoldark, Char Aznable
Word Count: 180
Notes: Set post-game, a mini-crossover with the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack animation.

No Other WayCollapse )

22nd April 2005

laridian1:12pm: For game100's challenge this week, "Closing Lines."

Title: Rocky Road
Fandom: Monkey Island
Word Count: 100 exactly! Go me!
Warnings: None

Fake LJ-cut to my journal
unanon9:27am: Challenge for 04/21/05 to 04/28/05
Sorry for the lateness. I have company arriving tomorrow and I've been totally distracted.

The challenge for this week is: Closing Lines.
Select from the following...Collapse )

Have a great week.
Current Mood: amused

21st April 2005

dragomorph12:36am: More drabblage.

Title: Mighty Pirate
Fandom: Monkey Island
Challenge: Fantasy
Words: 121
Notes: The story falls under the assumption that the ending of MI2 is to be taken at face value. Be warned.

Mighty PirateCollapse )

Title: Reality Check
Fandom: Suikoden II
Words: 100 (in your face, y0)
Notes: Jowy POV.

Reality CheckCollapse )

19th April 2005

marsdragon9:22pm: Title: Through the Cemetery
Game: Spirits and Spells
Challenge: Fantasy
Words: 162

Through the CemeteryCollapse )
lirillith11:10pm: FF6 drabble-like thing
Title: Waiting
Characters: Celes, Locke
Game: Final Fantasy VI, yet again
Notes: For the "fantasy" challenge - 210 words, to my sorrow. Maybe I'll get a 100-word entry done later.

WaitingCollapse )

14th April 2005

unanon9:53pm: Challenge for 04/14/05 to 04/21/05

This week's challenge is Fantasy

Have a fun week.
dragomorph12:40am: Title: Fall Down Hard
Game: Cave Story
Characters: Jenka, Ballos
Words: 105
Notes: For the "Opening Line Challenge." Contains spoilers.

Fall Down HardCollapse )

Title: Worth a Shot
Game: Monkey Island
Characters: Guybrush, Elaine, Timmy
Words: 100 (w00t)
Notes: Not everybody's fooled by creative inventory usage.

Worth a ShotCollapse )
lirillith12:36am: more FF6 drabbles
Title: Decadent
Characters: Celes, Setzer
Game: Final Fantasy VI
Notes: 100 words, for the "opening lines" challenge. Setzer/Celes-ish.

DecadentCollapse )

Title: Unsteady
Character: Terra
Game: Final Fantasy VI
Notes: Another hundred words for the "opening lines" challenge. Set during the ending.

UnsteadyCollapse )

13th April 2005

twh5:47pm: Final Fantasy Drabble
Title: It's Blue?!
Game: Final Fantasy IV
Characters: Cecil, Rydia, and Rosa
Challenge: Opening Lines
Notes: A sequel of sorts to an earlier drabble... 99 words, baby!

It's Blue?!Collapse )
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